About Us



The founding partners of Investrade have extensive experience establishing and growing businesses in multiple markets and assisting businesses to invest or establish themselves in new markets.

We have worked within the private sector in CxO roles and consulting (SMEs and startups) and within the Government sector within foreign direct investment agencies.

We recognise that small-to-medium-sized businesses and startups from all over the world are increasingly seeking to globalise, to explore and exploit opportunities in new markets. These firms typically do not have the resources and connections of large multinational corporations and finding practical and succinct information on new markets is often difficult, disparate and time consuming.

Informed:   We aim to say it like it is

Our focus is to provide an efficient, succinct practical information source spanning all areas of market entry. We provide information that, unlike other sources, is extensive across a range of topics and is free of constraints or marketing spin.  And, it’s free.

Whilst we don’t claim to provide every possible type of information, we provide links and connections to credible or official sources and selected third-party firms.







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