Australia ranks highly for ease of doing business.  There are however many of issues to consider.  Whilst we recommend connecting with the relevant professional advisers, the information in this section provides a general overview of some of the key areas.


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Legal & Statutory

This section provides general information on legal & statutory issues  in the Australian market including company incorporations, registrations returns and reporting, public officers & resident directors and intellectual property.    

Finance & Accounting

General information on finance & accounting includes tax registrations, audit requirements and benefits.    It is an area where professional advice and services should be sought.  Information on finding a qualified accountant is also available.

Human Resources

Recruiting staff locally or bringing staff into Australia (either temporarily and permanently) requires some forward planning with a range of issues to be addressed.  These include compensation and benefits including health and pension benefits, migration/visa, tax and how to go about recruiting staff.

Business Administration

Establishing business administration services to run a new business includes banking services such as transactions, financing, FX and insurances.   Some are mandatory when establishing a new business.      

Facilities & Services

Options for establishing a new office include co-working, serviced offices or leasing an office or premises.   Other considerations for new premises include internet and phone services and fitting out a new office.

Sales & Marketing

Explore sales, marketing and communications information including undertaking market research, engaging a partner, building a local sales office, franchising, e-commerce and public relations.