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Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Australia are dominated by a handful of major providers. These include Telstra (the legacy PTT Telco), iiNet, TPG Telecom and SingTel Optus.

Fast internet for businesses in Australia is usually delivered via fixed-line broadband access either as ADSL2, ISDN2 or, increasingly as coverage rolls out, via the new NBN (National Broadband Network).

Mobile telecommunication carriers offering wireless internet via laptop data cards, personal digital assets and mobiles offer a substitute access method to fixed-line internet. The speed of wireless networks has accelerated dramatically particularly via the relatively recent launch of 4G mobile services.

The average real prices for internet services have been declining as competition for market share has accelerated in recent years.

The NBN - a federal government initiative - is gradually rolling out across the country offering high-speed (100Mb/s) broadband access to businesses and residences on a FTTN basis (Fibre-to-the-Node, as opposed to Fibre-to-the-Premises/FTTP, about which there is still much political - and politicised! - debate).  Whilst many commercial centres and main CBDs are beginning to be covered, the entire roll-out program is slated to run until 2020.

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