There are numerous opportunities and pathways for investing in or buying a business in Australia.

Investment Opportunities in Australia

Identifying Investment Opportunities

There are numerous ways to identify investment opportunities and target businesses in Australia. Some common pathways are:

  • For smaller businesses, business brokers provide services for buying or selling a small business. The Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) is the peak industry body in Australia representing professional Business Brokers engaged in facilitating the transfer of ownership in small to medium businesses in Australia.  AIBB operates a business opportunities website, AIBB Sales, and a Find an Accredited Broker service. AIBB Directory.  It also provides training and certification offering the CPBB accreditation (The CPBB course is an accreditation course for licensed business brokers. Per the AIBB, "CPBB accreditation is fast becoming known as the 'gold standard' qualification required to operate as a business broker in Australia.")
  • For the mid-market (usually defined as between US$10m and US$250m), engagement with a buy-side business or corporate advisory firm is typical. Engaging with a qualified firm with membership of a professional association is recommended.  Finding an Accountant or Business Adviser.


Investment Platforms 

InvestMatch is a listing of businesses in Western Australia (WA) seeking investment.  InvestMatch is a service offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI).

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) is a capital raising platform for growing, unlisted companies.



Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).  Australia's primary securities exchange.

National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX).  Market for SME and growth Australian and International companies.

Asia Pacific Stock Exchange (APX).  Market for growth-oriented companies with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.


Government Investment Opportunities

Government and Government-supported Investment Opportunities and Projects

All levels of Government in Australia promote or provide information on investment projects and opportunities such as public investment opportunities, asset sales or public private partnerships.   Governments may from time to time also support or promote private projects which may be deemed beneficial in attracting investment and employment to a local area or industry or part of a broader regeneration project.

Government Investment Opportunities

Government Site Location Sector
Australian Government Tourism Investment Opportunities Database Australia Tourism
Northern Territory Government Invest NT Investment Opportunities Northern Territory Agribusiness, Energy, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining, Property development, Service industry, Tourism
Northern Territory Government Northern Territory Mineral Investment Opportunities Northern Territory Minerals
NSW Government NSW Mining, Resources & Energy Current Opportunities New South Wales Mining, Resources & Energy
Queensland Government Trade & Investment Queenland Investment Ready projects Queensland Food & Agribusiness, Mining & Resources

Government projects and Government supported investment opportunities across Australia

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