Establish Finances

Find out how to establish finances and undertake registrations in Australia, what you need to know and how much it will cost  

As an offshore business setting up in Australia, a range of of corporate and financial statutory issues must be considered.  As well as choosing the most appropriate business structure, addressing the requirement for a local director (for ASIC) and public officer (for the ATO), the inward investor needs to ensure local business regulations are met through the most economical business and tax registrations.   Intellectual property, trade marks and domains should also be considered together with a range of local legal and regulatory compliance matters depending on the business activity.

Establish Finances is typically undertaken – if you are planning on actively trading in the next 3-6 months – at the same time as Business Setup and immediately prior to the establishment of accounting and operations (“Run Operations“).  If, however, you are not planning on trading immediately, these tasks can be deferred until required. An exception to this is the Appointment of a Public Officer (for the ATO) which must be done within 90 days of registering for an ABN or GST number.



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